Wednesday Brown Bag Sessions

Works-in-Progress Series

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Fall 2017 Schedule

Bring your lunch and join us from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. in Seminar Room 105 at the McNeil Center, 3355 Woodland Walk (34th and Sansom Streets), on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Papers are circulated in advance. For copies, please contact the McNeil Center office.

13 September:  

Janine Yorimoto Boldt, The College of William & Mary
“(De)Constructing Hierarchies: Slavery & The Failures of Colonial Portraiture”

27 September:   

Alisha Hines, Duke University
“‘To Make Her Own Bargains with Boats’: Making Race, Gender, and Labor on the Western Rivers”

11 October: 

Camille Suarez, University of Pennsylvania
“Making the State: Violence, Land, and Citizenship in Early Statehood California”

25 October:

Shannon Eaves, University of North Florida
“‘Regarded as fair-looking for one of my race’: Examining Implications of Beauty For Enslaved Communities in a Sexually Exploitive South”

8 November:

Kathryn Lasdow, Columbia University
“‘Where the Pestilence Rages Most’: Waterfront Infrastructure and a “Cure” for Yellow Fever, 1793-1822”

29 November:

Eva Latterner, University of Virginia
“Passing on the Half Dollar: Fugitivity and Print Capitalism”

6 December:

Wes Alcenat, Fordham University
“The Haitian King, the American “Prince” and the British Abolitionists: The Transatlantic Origins of Haitian Emigration in the Era of Colonization (1800-1827)”