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Works-in-Progress Series

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Spring 2018 Schedule

Bring your lunch and join us from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. in Seminar Room 105 at the McNeil Center, 3355 Woodland Walk (34th and Sansom Streets), on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Papers are circulated in advance. For copies, please contact the McNeil Center office.

17 January:  

Jordan Wingate, UCLA
“Carey's Museum and the Natural History of the American”

31 January:   

Alex E. Stern, Stanford University
“‘I hadn't seen or known sorrow until the soldiers came’: The Civil Wars and First Reconstruction of Indian Territory, 1861 – 1866”

14 February: 

Agnès Trouillet, Université Paris Diderot
“‘There was no fixed idea of the Relation between Great Britain and America,’ or perspectives hardly to be reconciled in 1764 and beyond, both on this and the other side of the Atlantic”

28 February:

Sarah Winsburg, University of Pennsylvania
“Mothers of Necessity: Reinventing Laws of Labor and Subsistence in the Household Economy”

14 March:

Kelsey Salvesen, University of Pennsylvania
“Sampler Theology: Crafting Identity in the 18th and 19th Century Atlantic World”

28 March :

Maria Cecilia Ulrickson, University of Notre Dame
“Life and Labor in Early Haiti”

11 April :

Emily Macgillivray, Northland College
“Maple Sugar Merchants: Anishinaabe Women's Property Claims in the Nineteenth Century Borderland Great Lakes”

25 April :

Jordan Grant, American University
“‘Human Tigers’: The Carceral State and Slave-Catching in the Upper South”